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Coronavirus and the Future of the Beauty and Barber Industry

Health and safety are the cornerstones of the beauty and barber industry and we are trained to keep our clients and ourselves safe. There are steps and precautionary measures that we are supposed to follow to ensure that every client we serve is safe. This is our first job and our #1 priority but that is not what this blog is about. This blog is about understanding how the Coronavirus, a looming pandemic, could possibly save our industry from deregulation and strengthen our professional license.

Over the last 5 years, Politics Beauty and Barber has tracked over 1,500 bills affecting the beauty and barber industry. These bills have taken little to no consideration for the health and safety of clients or professionals and the Coronavirus may have just shined a spotlight on that. Policy in our industry is supposed to be driven by the need to protect the consumer but instead it is driven my corporate profit and corporate greed.

The Coronavirus has placed in the forefront a heightened awareness of health and safety standards in the beauty and barber industry. Beauty and Barber Professionals are on the front-line of fighting transmission of a possible pandemic and Beauty and Barber Professionals must be supported beyond the state boards. We must take our fight to Washington. The Coronavirus will re-prioritize how health and safety policies are written in this country and the beauty and barber industry must be on the list. Health and safety standards in the beauty and barber industry can and should be reviewed, reassessed and possibly even revised, aligning our industry and holding us accountable with health care workers across the country.

Beauty and Barber Professionals, now is the time to be an active participant in the fate of our industry. The Coronavirus is dangerous and a wake up call for the work that needs to be done. Let’s put health and safety at the forefront and take our industry back…

To learn more or become a Member of The Concerned Beauty and Barber Professionals and Politics Beauty and Barber, please visit our website: and

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