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No Future in the "Future of the Beauty Industry Coalition"

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Future Beauty and Barber Professionals

Politics Beauty and Barber has been sounding the alarm for years, warning Beauty and Barber Professionals that deregulation was REAL and that OUR future was in peril. Ignoring the pleas to organize and mobilize, Beauty and Barber Professionals have given way to some very dangerous decision makers, who call themselves Future of the Beauty Industry Coalition (FBIC).

In an open letter FBIC stated, "we’ve moved forward with the tools we need to support a data-based approach to smart industry reforms. We have reputable third-party statistics and documentation to support why it’s necessary to reform the hours it takes to become licensed. We’re moving forward with a legislative strategy to make these changes a reality."

Founded as a working group of trade associations, FBIC is comprised of ISBN, The Professional Beauty Association, Empire Schools and BlueCo Brands with a goal "to protect the industry from deregulation by streamlining licensing requirements".  

However, what they are actually doing is heeding to political pressure, jeopardizing public health and safety and compromising our industry standards to satisfy special interest and corporate agendas.  The FBIC agenda saturates the beauty and barber industry with individuals who are less qualified, drives down prices of professional services and lowers the professional value of the entire industry.

Politics Beauty and Barber is extremely disappointed in the FBIC's approach to "reform" the industry.  This dictatorship approach does not include input from Beauty and Barber Professionals and only benefits those who wish to profit from our labor.  Lowering our education standards does not advance the industry for professionals, again, it advances the industry for those who have a corporate agenda and a corporate interest.  The FBIC has made it very clear with their statement, "instead of being paralyzed by fear, or change, the FBIC is moving forward".  

Well, Beauty and Barber Professionals, let's move forward too!  Let's strategize, let's organize and let's mobilize.  Let's fight this corporate agenda every step of the way.  Deciding the future of the Beauty and Barber Industry is our decision to make not the FBIC....  Join us,

References: Open Letter to the Professional Beauty Association:

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