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The Beauty and Barber Industry Strikes Back

Beauty and Barber Professionals Fight Back

The beauty and barber industry is fighting for its life.  Across the nation, legislation has been introduced to deregulate the entire industry, from lowering the education standards, to total elimination of professional licenses. Determined to protect their industry, beauty and barber professionals and students, under the leadership of Politics Beauty, are fighting back.

Last year, 2016, Politics Beauty tracked over 300 bills, nationwide, that would have affected the beauty and barber industry.  This year, 2017, that number was exceeded.  However, Politics Beauty and beauty and barber professionals in 3 states were able to halt, at least for now, 3 bills that would have had tremendous impact on the fate of the industry.

Nebraska introduced LB343 to lower hours for education requirements.  Kansas introduced, SB76, to waive licensing fees, which would have burdened the licensing board and Iowa introduced HSB138 to eliminate the barbering board and all barbering requirements.    

Legislators and those with corporate agendas insist that licensing is a "barrier to entry" for those who desire to enter the work industry.  Beauty and barber professionals insist that there are health and safety concerns and a need for professional standards and professional accountability. Whatever side of the argument you find yourself on, deregulation of the beauty and barber industry will continue to be a fight among legislators and beauty and barber professionals.  The only hope that beauty and barbers professionals have to save their industry from deregulation is to collectively organize and fight back and that is exactly what Politics Beauty aims to do....   To join the fight, make a donation or learn more, visit the website,

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