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Students understand the value of making money but don’t understand how the license equates to their personal and professional success. 

The POWER of the 
Licensed Professional

Students take for granted the power of the license and the power of becoming licensed. They don't realize that the license IS the mark of a professional and the license IS the standard recognized by clients, by government and by the public as an assurance of skill and quality. 

During the pandemic, Licensed Beauty and Barber Professionals were deemed non-essential, when in all actuality, Licensed Beauty and Barber Professionals ARE essential.  Licensed Beauty and Barber Professionals are trained in health, safety, sanitation and infection control just as frontline workers and with the incorporation of additional practices, procedures and protocols, Licensed Beauty and Barber Professionals should have been able to continue to work. 

In this 60-minute Zoom course, students will be taught the history of licensure, the value of licensure in today's world, their role and responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the industry and how licensure is the key to their personal and professional success.

Woman Hair Stylist
The Power of the
Licensed Professional

Price:  $275 + (A discounted copy of "The Concerned Beauty and Barber Professionals Guide to Thrive and Survive" for each student.)
Email or Call 678-360-2896
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