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Beauty and Barber OPEN HOUSE, January 11, 2021

Praise GOD! We made it! Happy New Year's Beauty and Barber Professionals and Students! 2020 is now in the rearview mirror, however we will forever be reminded of the fragility of our world and of our industry.

Professionals and Students, for the last 9 years The Concerned Beauty and Barber Professionals and Politics Beauty and Barber, unknowingly, had been preparing for this pandemic. We had been working relentlessly for years to ensure that professionals were up to date with the latest in health and safety information. We had been working relentlessly for years to protect the professional license from legislation meant to devalue our industry. WE ARE ESSENTIAL. Professionals and Students, when the pandemic hit our industry, we were ready! Our Guide to Thrive and Survive, "Health, Safety and Longevity in Salons and Barbershops" was immediately released and served as a valuable tool to getting through these most uncertain times. We were also very confident that our Member-Advocates could navigate Covid19 and keep themselves and their clients safe!

Professionals and Students, if you intend on remaining in this industry and growing, register for our FREE Virtual OPEN HOUSE 2021 on January 11th. We will have two, one-hour sessions and two special guests:

11am EST - 12pm EST: Jamie McConnell, Deputy Director, Women's Voices For the Earth

7pm EST - 8pm EST: Tiffany M. Gill, Author, "Beauty Shop Politics"

Professionals and Students, let's start 2021 off by being intentional about continual education in health and safety. Let's start 2021 off by being intentional about strengthening our profession and our professional license. We never want to experience another 2020 ever again. Don't miss this FREE Virtual OPEN HOUSE...


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